Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Barack the VOTE!

After a near-month hiatus, I just couldn't help but blog this moment down in history (as I'm sure whether or not the outcome is in my favor), everyone will remember November 4, 2008 in the books. Yep, so I am happy to report that I did my civic duty and for the first time in my life, I've never been so elated to see a line...at the polls, that is! My hubby (first-time VOTER ever since he blossomed into a U.S. citizen) and I cast our ballot and with that, made our own mark in history as the 207th and 210th voters, respectively, at our polling station.

Yes, I did VOTE for CHANGE, but regardless of who you ended up voting for, I hope that each one of us realizes just how important this election is for generations of folks who've fought and perished for this historic moment as well as our own future sons and daughers, mothers and fathers, and brothers and sisters. For me, it's a resounding call for what progress truly embodies. Nonetheless, I do believe that the man who can deliver this progress comes in the form of hope and by the name of Barack Obama.

Early this morning, my friend text me this message and I hope you'll join me in passing it on:

" Rosa sat so Martin could walk...Martin walked so Obama could run...Obama is running so our children can FLY! Keep the progress going...we can only go up from HERE!"