Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cheers to 2010!!

It's the beginning of 2010 and thinking back, 2009 seems like a big blur! It happened so fast that at times, it feels like a tender sweet memory of days past.  So, how was quarter 1 of my MBA? Pretty da** great, actually (as evidenced by the smile plastered across my face when grades were posted). All over the social networking sites, I feel a sense of optimism about this new decade.  Apparently, the massive financial crisis that hit our economy in 2009 made everybody cringe at this past year and pine for a new, more hopeful future.  I'm not sure what 2009 meant for you, but the year was actually a good one for me.  All of my goals that I had set forth were accomplished.  However, the only thing that I was disappointed in was my inability to run due to a 6-month sports injury.  But if any of you have ever been injured due to physical activity, it is very WISE to rest (although you'll be whining the entire time if you're anything like me) and let your body heal by itself.  Listening to your body makes a world of a difference and although it's psychologically painful to give up your favorite sport(s), your body will thank you in due time (just like mine has) when it fully recovers.

So for 2010, my health and fitness are one of my top priorities.  I just signed up to run the San Francisco Half Marathon and will be spearheading a health initiative at the GSM.  Why, you ask? Well, why the heck not?  Doesn't health pretty much underscore  EVERYTHING we do (and are unable to do)?  Being healthy has a positive and transformative effect on nearly every other aspect of our lives and it's b/c of this important reason that I'm committed to being healthier this year.  Running as you know, has always been my favorite sport ever since I realized three years ago, that I was not doomed to a lifetime of stagnation.

Another priority is to do more traveling overseas.  I haven't booked my tickets yet, but I'm happy to report that the hubby and I are planning a trip the Far East. I won't disclose the destination(s) just yet (well, at least not until I finalize my plans), but let's just say I am out of this world ecstatic that I will be able to fully embrace my epicurean curiosity in places closer to my Mother Land---where spices and freshness dominate street stalls that serve up delicious-ness around every corner:) What a great way to celebrate the completion of the 1st year of my MBA---can't hardly wait!

And remember that awesome thing called Net Impact I mentioned (incessantly) in my posts?  Well, yours truly is Co-President of the UC Davis Net Impact chapter for working professionals & alumni.  Whoo hoo!  And even moreso, I was elected to serve on the Dean's Council for my class. Very cool stuff and I'm flattered that my classmates have put their trust in me to represent them. Thank you, ladies and gents.

In the meantime, I also wanted to gush over my Micro Econ professor, Victor Stango.  I was already excited to take the class in the fall when he spoke at our orientation, but then the man goes and writes up this report that made national headlines regarding the Tiger Woods sex scandal and how one man's extra-marital affairs cost shareholders a cumulative $12B!!! Wow! I am impressed, but not surprised.  The good news is that their losses will rebound when Woods makes his comeback into the golf world.  I mean, the man has star power and who can really do what he's done for golf? It's like he's the Phelps on land:)  You can read all about the study on the links I've provided from these sites:

1. Wall Street Journal
2. New York Times
3. ABC News (you can also watch a video clip)

BTW: Some random tidbits I learned from my organizational behavior class from our final presentations:

1. Goldman Sachs employees make an average bonus of $600K/year...WTH?
2. The CA State furlough costs more to implement than it really aims to save---can somebody tell the Terminator this?
3. GM was doomed to fail b/c of a mismanaged org. culture that focused on fostering & rewarding fierce competition versus collaboration

Basically: Effective management is not only about meeting the bottom line.  If it's anything you should have learned from the 2009 Wall Street debacle, it should be this:  What we originally thought of as irrelevant 'soft skills' of managers actually have a profound and lasting fiscal impact on the success or demise of corporations. Learning to effectively lead people is just as important as meeting your sales figures (if not more). 


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