Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My First Training: July 7

Wow! Simply amazing! I just finished my very first training for Team Challenge--a total of 3 miles running from the Marina Green to a marker along Chrissy Field. I have to be honest...I was dreading the run outdoors b/c I am used to running (like a hamster) indoors on a treadmill in Sacramento...what with the 100 degree or above weather...it leaves me with very limited options. Aside from that, I was also very excited! The view of the Golden Gate Bridge set amidst the backdrop of a misty Pacific Ocean made for a very dreamy early morning run. I ended up doing a run/walk combo and it worked perfectly for me since I can't do a steady jog the entire way. And believe it or not, running outdoors is so much easier than indoors on a treadmill...not to mention a lot more fun and enjoyable! I got so motivated by the scenery and the plethora of other runners on the trail...the whole time, I kept on saying to myself, "Chandara, this isn't boring..yay! You can do this...3 miles today...13.1 miles in the end..it's going to happen and you can do it!"

Alright...if you know me...this is something I w
ould not have ever been saying to myself years past. I still remember trying to run outdoors and feeling my ankles hurt after running 5 minutes. It was sad...but I realize I've progressed so much even at this initial point in my training. And get this: I only had 1.5 hours of sleep the night before, yet I somehow managed to muster up the energy to drive from Sacramento to SF. Okay..this isn't the wisest thing to do, but it's unbelievable how much the run re-energized me.

After the training, I spent the entire day walking (4 miles!) from the Sports Basement to Fisherman's Wharf. Note to anyone who doesn't know where to go in unfamiliar places: follow the tourists on their rental bikes...they know where to go! And by doing just that..I discovered a new path to the Wharf and Ghirardelli Square--one that winds up a hill overlooking the ocean with a perfect view of Alcatraz.

So glad I ventured over or else I would not have discovered cupcake heaven at Kara's Cupcakes! They remind me of Sprinkles in LA, but unlike Sprinkles, Kara's makes their cupcakes from organic ingredients and firmly support local farmers and businesses. Pretty cool..and their cupcakes? OMG...to die for! I ended up with a meyer lemon one with lemony buttercream frosting that tasted like decadent ribbons of heaven just sliding on my tongue..wowie! And to your right is a pretty Raspberry Dazzle cupcake. I know..Yummy!

My first day of training couldn't have ended on a sweeter note :) I'm so looking forward to every Saturday from here on out! Be sure to check back!

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Jenny said...

ok you need to take me to Kara's cupcakes immediately. My mouth is salvating just by your description of it. Organic and support of local farmers gets my support.