Sunday, July 15, 2007

Week 2, July 14

So, it's been a couple weeks into my training and thus far, I've discovered the joys of running outdoors..something I've always aspired to do, but never had the endurance to do so. During my individual trainings, I've been running laps around the State Capital...I figured out that one lap around the entire block is equal to a mile, so it's been easy to pace myself. Lucky for me, Sac has been experiencing unusually cooler temperatures for July (by cooler, I'm talking mid-80's), so I haven't yet experienced the running during a suffocating heat wave...thank goodness!

On Saturday, I had my Team Challenge run and just my luck, I get to practice late, but then I spot my team mates running with their Team Challenge T-shirts and I breathe a sigh of relief. There's so many people this morning...I hear that many of them are training for the SF Nike Womens' Marathon. Wow...that's on my agenda for next year! :) Anyhow, after a little bit of stretching to warm up my muscles, I get started and today, it's going to be 4 miles out and back from the Sports Basement to a marker on the hill in front of our landmark, Safeway...easy enough. I think I can manage and I did! I usually need my ipod when running on the treadmill..just to save myself from sheer boredom, but outdoors, just seeing everyone running, cycling and walking is inspiration enough to keep me going. So, halfway through my run, I finally catch up with my team mates and they're thrilled that I made it all the way from Sac to join them. I also spot Katie, the walk coach and right when I think she's our halfway point marker, she tells me to run up the hill (oh geez..a hill!) But then she also says that our new run coach, Jason, will be up there too. Yay! I finally get to meet my coach! He turns out to be a really cool fella who is all smiles as we shake hands and he directs me to run 2 laps around the hill before heading back to our starting point. By this time, I'm elated since I know it's just another 2 miles back.

As I'm nearing the end, I spot my honoree, Kelly, who's walking, and since I can pretty much spot the finish line amidst the foggy patches that occlude a complete view of the Golden Gate Bridge this morning, I yell "We're almost there... you can do it!" So we end up completing the run together...and just as I'm about to cross the street, there's this guy who runs up about 10 feet in front of me and hocks a huge "loogie," and it's sick...not just b/c he did that, but because the wind has been whipping my face this entire time since I'm running against it, but I am thankful that I wasn't in the line of target for this inconsiderate fool. Kelly is laughing behind me because I turn around and give her this disgusted 'oh no, he didn't!' look after the incident. I guess it was a bittersweet end to my 4 mile run!

We all re-convene after our run and after some stretching and talking with my fellow team mates, we all part ways...but it's just the beginning of the day for me. I end up walking back along the promenade b/c I hear that Chestnut Street has cute shops and boutiques to check out...and besides, I drove 1.5 hours to get to SF...I have to milk my time here to the max. I end up taking a turn towards the Palace of Fine Arts...and with its majestic golden columns, I feel like I'm in a Paul Bunyan story. This monumental edifice is a sight to be seen, truly spectacular and up to this point, I've only seen pictures, mostly from browsing wedding photography websites. My only regret is that I didn't bring my camera from the car..oh darn! But well, another day I suppose. The weather in SF isn't up to its potential today; slightly chilly with a strong wind that bought along fog with it to shield the sun from illuminating this part of the city. I make my way around the Palace, and as expected, lots of other tourists out and about as well. There is also a crew setting up white chairs for what I presumed to be a wedding and right in front of the fountain, I spot a group of teenage girls in white gowns and some boys in handsome black tuxes. At first I think they must be the lucky wedding party, but then, I spot one girl in a pastel pink gown and come to my own conclusion that they must be part of some debutante party. Whatever it was, they all looked like they belonged on top of a cake.

A few turns up and down the blocks, I finally arrive at Chestnut. True to what I'd heard, the street is home to a collection of cute fashion/stationery boutiques, family-owned bakeries and eateries, and even street musicians playing up some jazz to entertain diners and passersby like myself. The thing I miss most from my college days in the bay are the small floral shops that dot the streets, so much to my delight, I was excited that one existed on Chestnut. From crimson ranunculas, orange and gold dahlias and pearl white's truly a pleasure for my aesthetic senses.

I end up grabbing the good old bento box lunch of chicken teriyaki and a couple of sweet delights before making my way to the ocean to take in the cool, bay breeze. As I sit near the shore to savor my lunch and watch the tides roll in as if being nudged by the wind, it occurs to me of how peaceful and happy I am at this moment. Running has really allowed me to experience a whole new level of inner peace with myself. I remember reading an article about a woman who had recently lost her husband and confessed that running gave her a sense of peace and fulfillment she never new existed. It was through her runs that she was able to de-stress and come to terms with the events that had transpired in her life. I remember thinking: "How can running do that for someone? Everytime I run, I feel like I'm going to pass out." That was then. This is now. I feel like a fitness infomercial when I tell people of how fitness has changed my life. Fitness was never something I aspired to partake in...mostly because I come from a family that isn't accustomed to this lifestyle. I'm happy to say that I'll be the first to change that for everyone. :)

Okay, end my training day on a good note, here's my Reason to Smile for the day:
I'm walking back to my car and I hear this, "Come me what you've got!" I turn around and it's the cutest thing: A cyclist is racing (I kid you not) with a couple in their bright, school bus yellow, electronically motorized vehicle along the street. From afar, the vehicle is reminiscent of a yellow ladybug w/o the black polka dots, slowly inching its way to catch up with the cyclist. As I watch them go by, I can't help but laugh out's the funniest thing I've ever seen (today, at least). You'll have to check back to see what else happens during my training adventures! See you then!


Linda said...

awww. chandara i'm sooo proud of u!! running on cold days are the BESTTTT, if feels like the wind wants to make love to ya and smoother ur face! hahahaaha, cheesy but true. i'm glad u're doing this for urself and for a great cause! maybe then eating all the oysters (when we do go) won't feel so bad. xoxo, linda

Jenny said...

wow this journal entry should be in an inspirational autobiographical tidbit that I usually read in magazines. You know me and my fashion magazines they're not just about fashion but women empowerment as well. Your journal entry is empowering and all-inspiring. Just reading it makes me want to get my lazy butt off the couch and take a nice run in a metropolitan area. Your description of the city is why I love metropolitan areas and consider myself a city-gal. In the midst of its chaos there is an ethereal and undescribable sereness and beauty within it. A perfect yin and yang. I'm so elated for you and admire your dedication!

Jenny said...

one more thing we should go back to Chestnut Street together and walk down it like the fly ladies of Sex and the City!