Friday, December 12, 2008

Tis the Season: Holiday Parties=Free Food.

Just got back from my friend's holiday party at a ritzy dim sum place in SF and I gotta say I'm glad she invited me. You see, every year, my office throws a holiday shindig too, but since I telecommute for work, I'm a plane ride away, which in turn means that I also telecommute for the party..catch my drift? With the budget crunch this year, I told my boss I'll opt out from the party thing...but then there's a piece of me that misses it. Thank goodness for awesome friends who invite me to theirs..thanks ladies! Next week, another lunch that's not on me. So, how can I not love the holidays? Free booze, food and entertainment.

So, the interesting part of the whole night had to be seeing my friend's face light up as she opened her gift from the office..that's right,'s called a bonus, something that is all too foreign for me to envision. This brought me back to filling out my MBA apps. There's usually 2 boxes: one to indicate your salary and the other to indicate your bonuses. It was pretty sad (okay, I was downright depressing) as I placed a big fat "0" in the latter box b/c the entire time, I kept thinking: "Damn, other people get bonuses...unless you work in the public sector where there ain't no $$ to be had." So, I guess it's good that I'm blogging this moment b/c years from now, I hope to be perched on the other side of the can only hope, right? Yes, hope seems to be the only thing I can bank on right about now.


Thomas Lozano said...

free food...freee food...ah the holidays of free food!

Thomas Lozano said...

free food...they should call it the holiday free food!