Monday, March 30, 2009

My First Admit

Bright and early at 10am PST, I received a call from an unknown number which I conveniently sent to voicemail. Little did I realize that it was the Admissions Director of the UC Davis MBA program. With a hopeful smile on my face and good thoughts racing through I head, I immediately called back and sure enough, she extended her personal congratulations on my acceptance into their program. Yay! It is such a huge relief to know that my future is filled with much more hope and optimism now. I know an MBA is only a means to an end and wherever that end will be, I'll be equipped with the resources to make it happen! Only last week I was blogging about the wait and now, I have one of my questions answered; it feels amazing, albeit quite surreal, and even as I type this, I don't think it's completely registered in my mind yet. But of course, it will sink in soon enough:)

UPDATE: I received my nifty admit package in the mail on Friday..yay! It's for reals!!

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