Friday, June 27, 2008

Letters of Rec: Check!

I was flown in for a meeting with my boss today and I finally broke the news to her that, after contemplating my career path for some time, I've decided to pursue my dream of getting an MBA. And the best part was that she couldn't have been more supportive of my decision. I'm so psyched! Since she's had experience serving on grad school adcoms, she even told me she understands that each letter has to be catered for each school I'm applying to b/c in the end, it's really about the "fit" of the B-school to my own career goals. I couldn't be more happier since I had been a bit nervous about asking her to write me 5 individual letters of rec to each of the my target schools. From what I've read, your letters of rec (LoR) can make or break your application. Thus far, I already have my other recommender lined up, so this is great. I'm now wondering about my 3rd (b/c I think I may need a 3rd in some instances)...hmm...who to ask?

I guess for now, I will have to compile a handy info pack for my recommenders so that I can make their job as seamless as possible. I think I'll include the following:

1. Why I want an MBA (Goals essay, I suppose)
2. Background info of each MBA program and how it fits me
3. Timeline of Deadlines for each program
4. My professional accomplishments
5. Whatever else to eliminate the guesswork on their end

Okay, now on to the most challenging (but probably most significant) part of my app: 1. ESSAYS and Introspective Analysis of Me and oh yeah, the GMAT.

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