Wednesday, July 30, 2008

GMAT Appt: Check!

It's final..a few moments ago, I just confirmed my GMAT appt for the first week in September! Damn...a whole $250 smackers just like that! I've been prolonging the inevitable, but seeing that my studies have been waning this past week, I told myself it's time to kick into high gear again and battle the beast. So, it's for real, for real...I'm going to take the GMAT and Lord help me if I receive a faltering score b/c I'll be pounding my head on the Official Guide hollering "WTF! WTF!" That'd be the worst case scenario. Best case scenario, on the other hand, would be if I make it into the 80% percentile score range for my target, let me take a moment to dream up this case (ahh (sigh) that's right..what a great feeling it would be, indeed). No, I'm not shooting for a 700, but if it happens, that'd be the optimal case scenario--for right now though, my goals are humble.

On a brighter note: I did have lunch with my former boss, who (as I blogged about before) just received her MBA. She's now going to live her dreams and have a hefty paycheck to awesome would that be one day! One can only imagine, right? As always, another token of inspiration collected for the day...why, if only I had a dollar for every token I'm collecting, I'd be able to afford all of my Bschool app fees :) Anyhow, here's a run-down of our conversation in a nutshell:

ME: I've decided to take the ultimate plunge and aim for the top Bschools! And I'm looking into programs that foster my interest in social enterprise, CSR, what have you. What are your thoughts?

MBA boss: You are so going to get in! Bschools need people like us who care about other people (ie: underprivileged peeps). And CSR and sustainability will be an integral part of MBA curriculum for sure.

ME: Oh, you flatter me. I hope CSR is not a fad like Kaballah.

MBA boss: It's not. Rich people can ignore poor people, but they can't ignore the degradation of our environment. CSR will endure.

ME: Awesome! Thanks for the inspiration.

MBA boss: No prob. You can totally do it!

:) And so, I'm left with this wonderful feeling of optimism...I'll have to bottle it up and preserve it for when I'm taking my GMAT.


goneguru said...

Good luck on the GMAT! You're gonna rock it =)

Andrew Choi said...

You'll be surprised by the number of opportunities you'll have to do what you want to do in business school. Good luck on your applications and getting into the school of your choice!