Tuesday, July 1, 2008

HBS Info Session: Full in 13 minutes!?

Arrghh...I've been visiting the HBS website practically everyday hoping that the registration for their SF events open up soon. So, you can imagine my delight when I get an email from HBS Admissions announcing that the Womens info session in SF is now open. I get this email at 1:18 PM (PST) but I dont' get a chance to read it until 13 minutes later and when I click on the link to register, IT'S FULL! I'm like, "What the Feezy? Already?" Currently, I am waitlisted, but not before I sent an email to the contact inquiring if it was due to some glitch in the system that the session filled up in record time. Today, still no reply, except a confirmation that I'm still on the waitlist. UGH! I even try the link again and this time, the message reads that the registration is closed due to full occupancy...that's crazy right?! I'm thinking I should just show up. I've been to these types of info events before and usually, nobody gets turned away...but we'll see.


Starwalker said...

wow that seems fast, ven by our "desperate for mba" standards

Thomas said...

Stay positive...I know it will work it's way through..."