Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ignorance is NOT bliss! It's Idiotic!

I was just browsing the Business Week website to see if there were any further updates on the whole Scoretop cheating mess and I happened to come upon a comment posted by a less than bright individual (whose screen name shall go unmentioned) claiming that b/c of this particular scandal and I guess whatever stuff they've been reading, that "all Asians cheat." I think this is how his/her thought equation worked: Scoretop run by Asian + VIP members presumably mostly Asian + tendency for Asians to cheat (based on ill-conceived assumptions) = ALL Asians must cheat! My reply: In the words of Ellen Pompeo of Grey's Anatomy, "Seriously?"

Okay now, my Stat-savvy friends: does correlation always imply causality? And when do the actions of a single person or a group of people automatically justify the scapegoating of an entire race (whose cultures are so vastly different and who aren't even, I might add, linked by one common language)? Is it just me or are we all fed up with how ignorant people can be and how their thought processes have still not progressed since the Prehistoric era? Haven't we learned anything from the morally unjust internment of our Japaneses sisters and brothers about the horrendous effects of racist scapegoating?

Well, I just had to get that off my chest. As you can see, one of my biggest pet peeves, above all else, is people speaking out of their (_*_)!

But anyhow, I digress from my initial endeavor. GMAC has come out with a list of FAQs for those who are interested or concerned about their looming MBA future as a result of being VIP members of Scoretop. GMAC upholds that they have the right to cancel scores and ban you from taking it altogether if it can acquire "compelling evidence that you did seek out 'live' test questions." You can imagine how this news is affecting those involved. In fact, Business Week reports that this scandal has gotten fellow MBA aspirants sweating like hotcakes! And here I'm thinking this 100 degree heat wave is bad enough! So, remember folks: When in doubt, run the other way!


goneguru said...

It's amazing how paranoid the posters are. You'd think they'd be smarter than to post on a public forum basically admitting their usage.

Thomas Lozano said...

You go girl! It's amazing that such blatant generalization of ethnic groups still exist!